Vegan French Toast, your way!

Vegan French Toast, your way!

Baked or Fried — Vegan French Toast!

I love carbs. Carbs are my jam.

As a point of reference, I go through a lot of them in any given day. 2200m swim, 75km ride, and a 7km run was this Monday’s workout. That’s a lot of calories.


Thankfully, I also love to cook.


This recipe was an experiment with a new product, Earth Island ‘VeganEgg,’ which I’ve used in a few experimental recipes (more to come!), but this is my favorite so far I think.


Using the VeganEgg and some F2C Vegan Pure Energy (because… caffeine!) I got an amazingly fluffy and delicious French Toast!

This was actually a super easy recipe with the new VeganEgg and has a pretty solid blend of Macros thanks to the Vegan Pure! (which is soy-free, fyi)


  • 1 VeganEgg (make sure when it says use cold water, you use COLD water!)
  • ½ cup vanilla or unflavored non-dairy mylk (I used Coconut)
  • 1 scoop Tahitian Vanilla F2C Vegan Pure Energy (TRUST me, use the Tahitian Vanilla!)
  • A dash (or two) of cinnamon (use Ceylon Cinnamon, not Saigon, if you don’t know the difference check out
  • A little sprinkle of Nutmeg
  • 4 slices of your favorite Vegan Bread (I used a local bakery, but I think Silver Hills would work well!)
  • Coconut oil, or your favorite cooking oil.
  • Lots of fruit. I used banana and strawberry, but don’t limit yourself, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, apple, mango, whatever you want!
  • Maple syrup, obviously!

The process:

Whisk together the VeganEgg, water, mylk, and protein powder. Add a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to your desired flava’

Dip the bread, one side at a time, and make sure the WHOLE side gets slathered up. Let the bread drain a little so it’s not too thick.

[Option 1] In a medium-hot pan, spread a little oil, and drop that toast down-side down, and let that sucker cook up! Give it 2-3mins, depending on how hot your pan is. (pro-tip, I use cast-iron pans to get a little extra iron in my diet. Worth it!). Once side 1 is complete, flip it over and grill up side 2!

[Option 2] Instead of pan frying, you can use a little less oil and bake your toast up! Make sure you’ve got a hot oven, ~400C, and pop those wet bread slices into the oven for a good 10 minutes. You don’t even have to flip them. 

Whichever style you chose to cook em’ up, your hot little toasties are now ready to be covered in fruit and syrup! Apply the fruit liberally and you likely won’t even need too much maple syrup (the Vegan Pure Energy actually has Stevia and Monk Fruit extract so it will already be sweet!).

Add a quick dash of cinnamon on top, serve with a nice hot cup of delicious fair-trade coffee and BAM! You’re in the running and ready to ride your buns off!

A balanced breakfast with Fernwood Coffee!

Mener la belle vie, et monte ton velo!









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